Danette Makaila is an 18-year-old entrepreneur, fashion designer, actress, national speaker, and 2 time published author.

She is founder and CEO of DMakaila International, which is home to Youth Success Academy (an online academy filled with products and programs that promote youth success) and PJ Style (a junior clothing brand for teen girls).

Danette Makaila discovered her interest in entrepreneurship at the age of 5, as she watched her older brother operate his snack vending business. Then, Danette went on to start her first company - Princess Jewels at age 9 - making sterling silver jewelry for kids.

Over the years Danette has explored varying interests including: launching her first clothing line at New York Fashion Week, Virginia Fashion Week, and Charlotte Fashion Week. Publishing two books, Success Is A Decision and Success Takes Action. Dabbling in the world of graphic design, and acting in an upcoming film – debuting in 2017.

Danette Makaila's mantra is “COLORtheWORLDw/YOU. don't do the norm. do the impossible.” - a philosophy Danette jumpstarted when featured, in 2016, on BET’s – 29 People You Should Know. COLORtheWORLDw/YOU is all about encouraging teens to be themselves, follow their dreams, and share their gifts and talents with the world. “It’s a movement that I hope will inspire the next generation of leaders,” Danette adds.

All in all, Danette Makaila is a fearless young leader who believes the potential in everyone. Her charity of choice is meaningfully Children's Hospital. In fact, proceeds from her Believe Fundraiser, go directly to serving Children's Hospitals around the globe.

Danette makes decisions and takes action. In the next 12-18 months, Danette is focused on becoming an international brand ambassador for Samsung and creating a fashionable business clothing line for teen girls. In the next 1-3 years, Danette plans to expand Youth Success Academy - with even more modules that focus on career readiness and life skills.

Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Fashion Designer | Philanthropist


Danette started her first company, Princess Jewels at age 9, making sterling silver jewelry for kids. For 5 exciting years, Danette sold her custom jewelry all over the world, but as her business grew - so had she. So, Danette took some time off to really dig deep and discover her new dreams. Then, at age 15, Danette Makaila rebranded into PJ Style; and expanded her company to Danette Makaila International. Just 3 years after forming DMakaila International, it is now home to 3 growing youth-centered missions.

Danette continues to be recognized for her amazing entrepreneurial achievements including recognitions such as: 2016 BET "29 People You Should Know", 2015 CEO Magazine "Child Prodigy Award", 2014 ACHI Magazine "Young Entrepreneur", 2014 "SHEPowerTeen", 2014 LOVE Girls "Entrepreneur of the Year", 2014 "November Youth Who Execute", 2011 "EmpowHERed Entrepreneur", 2010 ESBN "Youth Entrepreneur".


Danette Makaila realized the hardest part about success was making the decision to succeed. So, at age thirteen, Danette published her first book Success is A Decision™  - an interactive 365-day journey designed to help youth reach their dreams, one day at a time. Then, at age 15,  Danette wrote her second book Success Takes Action™ - currently available as a homestudy course at Youth Success Academy™.

*Youth Success Academy is an online institution filled with products and programs that promote youth success; and includes the highly acclaimed Bookbag Entrepreneur Club™ - an amazing program for young entrepreneurs around the world.


Danette Makaila is a highly sought- after national “youth empowerment” speaker who loves sharing her story to awaken a young person’s dreams; planting seeds to motivate a young person’s actions; and spreading star dust to empower them to believe! Onstage and over the airwaves, Danette’s fun-loving style captivates the attention of both young and seasoned listeners. Her audiences describe her as “amazing“, “an inspiration“, “a great role model“, “exactly what other young people need to hear“.

Some of Danette's speaking highlights include, keynoting at Old Dominion University, Virginia State University, Norfolk State University, George Wythe High School, Operation Military Kids, Empower More Youth Conference, Glazer/Kennedy Super Conference-Youth Entrepreneurs, ESBN Youth Conference, Heart-2-Heart Mother/Daughter Retreat, “I Love Me” Lock-in, Delta Gems, Future Entrepreneurs Club.

Fashion Designer

After years of dressing her Barbie dolls, drawing lopsided pictures in her notebook and designing tiny masterpieces on her Harumika mannequins - Danette Makaila made her first fashion debut at age 14, when she won a Teen Fashion Design Challenge. After seeing her winning dress on the runway of Charlotte Fashion Week, Danette was inspired to create a full collection. At age 15, her designer hair bow’s graced the runway at New York Fashion Week. Then later in 2013, Danette expanded her hair bow collection to include matching shorts, which she launched at Cuties on the Runway – for kids and Curves on the Runway – for teens.

As Danette’s love for fashion continued to grow, she could not wait to bring bigger life to her childhood dreams. So at age 16, she transformed her design ideas and memories into PJ Style - her first complete clothing line for teen girls, which she showcased at Metro Style Fashion Show, New York Fashion Week, and Virginia Fashion Week.


Danette Makaila's charity of choice is Children's Hospital. In fact, proceeds from her Believe accessory collection, sold during the Annual Believe Fundraiser, go directly to Children's Hospitals around the globe.

Danette loves to volunteer and give back in a variety of ways. Check out some of her favorite volunteer highlights: Annual Believe Fundraiser (CHKD), An Evening of Believing Prom (The Sandbox), Interact Club, The Heifer Project, Pennies 4 Peace, Stop Hunger Now, Ronald Mc Donald House, Salvation Army Christmas & Thanksgiving Dinner, and Taste of Carytown Week.

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