Success Is A Decision™

  • Danette's book, “Success Is A Decision,” published at age 13, is an interactive 365-day journey designed to help youth reach their dreams one day at a time. So buy a book, grab your ink pen and your goals, and get started!
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  • Danette's second book, “Success Takes Action,” published at age 15, is currently available as an online homestudy course for teens. So purchase the course, grab your laptop and your goals, and get started!
  • During this 12 week homestudy course we will touch on 12 traits successful people are known to possess.
  • Exclusive video of author, Danette Makaila, guiding you step by step through the course.


The Bookbag Entrepreneur Club™

  • Only for Youth Entrepreneurs 13-18 years old! (9-12 year olds may join by interview only)
  • Monthly member dues and application proccess required.
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring and Accountability, Monthly Training and Q&A hosted by Leading Experts in the Biz World, and Quarterly LIVE Virtual Parties with Founder Danette Makaila.